Monday, February 6, 2012

My excuse and other things...

So I have been absent lately, like 3 months of absent!  I don't have a good excuse .... I have a GREAT excuse. 

Our family is getting bigger. 

Well right now I am the only one that is getting bigger but we will be adding an addition to The Ostranders at the end of July.  We are super excited.  I have been pretty exhausted lately, with work and everyday mommying.   But the good news is that I am past the first trimester and I am definitely getting my energy back. 
So here I am at 16 weeks .....

The baby is the size of a avocado.

I am already in Maternity Jeans ... still regular shirts.  For some reason my body knows exactly what to do this time and is about 6 weeks ahead of where I was with Tyler (I am told this is normal.)

Cravings:  Dairy ... specifically milk, ice cream, yogurt...

Other happenings....

Tyler finished up his first season of soccer.  I am pleased to announce that in the end we were making it through the entire practice/game without any meltdowns.  This was really my goal.  He is signed up for another season of soccer this spring and I am hoping that we will have even more luck and he actually starts to kick that ball!

I have watched Toy Story 3 at least 13 times this weekend.  The sad part is that I end up sitting and watching at least a part of it each time. 

Until next time ... which hopefully isn't 3 months away!

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