Monday, April 25, 2011

a creative outlet ....

I am the type of person that needs a creative outlet. Maybe it is because my work tends to be on the not so creative side (i.e. engineering). But looking back on it, I have always been this way: art classes in school, drama class, dance. And more recently: scrapbooking, crocheting (a little bit), and now cookie decorating.

From sitting on the counter when I was little watching my momma bake, to being in charge of the desserts for Thanksgiving, I have always been involved in and enjoyed baking. BRAG ALERT: I even won 2nd place for my pound cake at the SC State Fair when I was in the 8th grade.

Anyways .... back to cookie decorating. I started last Mother's Day when I saw a cute idea ... make flower cookies (with icing ... like you see on the fancy cookies!) and put them in a flower pot! So I researched and read and then attempted. Lets say the attempt was .... OK .... at least these were going to my momma, who I know would love them! (I mean isnt that what Momma's are for!!) It is probably a good thing that I don't have pictures of the very first attempt.

So fast forward a year (and many cookie attempts and holidays later: Tyler's birthday, Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day), and I feel like I have come a long way. I am really proud of my easter cookies!

These were for Tyler's Easter Party at school!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The new additions to our family .....

Meet the new additions to the Ostrander family ......

If you can't tell what these are (sorry for the poor lighting ... I was afraid to use the flash so close to them, and since my photography skills are lacking ... this is what you get), anyways, these are water frogs.

The Easter Bunny came to MiMi's house (my momma) and brought these for Tyler. His very first pet!

They are supposed to live for 2-3 years. So please wish us luck, in our new adventure!

And in case you missed them the first time ... another not so well lit picture!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lost and Found

We had a crisis this past week. We lost 'Moo'. What is 'Moo' you ask? Well this is 'Moo'.

This is Tyler's favorite stuffed animal. He has had it since he was born, and sleeps with it every night.

We were getting Tyler ready for bed Thursday night, and we started looking for 'Moo'. We couldn't find him anywhere. We searched and searched. We looked in all of the usual hiding spots: Tyler's bed, our bed, between the cushions of the couch, and in the clean clothes basket. But no luck. We managed to get Tyler to bed that night without 'Moo' (and I am still not sure how that happened). I think we were just hoping that 'Moo' would just show up the next morning.

The following morning ... still no 'Moo'. We really started to look everywhere. All of the dirty clothes baskets, the cars, the trash cans, under the couch, out in the yard ... name it we looked there. We were really starting to worry now. I was even making plans on how I was going to get a new 'Moo'. That night, Tyler went to bed again asking for 'Moo'.

When I came back into the living room (from putting Tyler to bed), this truck caught my eye. And it was like I had a flashback .... it was a memory of Tyler putting stuff inside the seat of the truck and riding around.

It was a long shot, but I went over to look in the seat of the truck, and ... ta-da .... there was the missing 'Moo'. I was so excited. I really felt like I had solved some great mystery!

So now Tyler has his 'Moo' back and the crisis is over!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Watch out DIY (Do It Yourself) Channel ....

.... the Ostrander's have arrived.

OK ... kind of but not really! Let me first point out that if anyone know us, they know that we are definitely NOT a 'handyman' family. But, it is definitely something that we are trying to get better at. We had the opportunity this weekend to hone our skills!

Two weeks ago our fridge started leaking from the water and ice dispensor. I use 'started' loosely because it has been leaking for a while, we were just able to stop it until two weeks ago. We finally had to disconnect the water from the fridge to get it to stop.

This gave us the perfect excuse to look for a new fridge, especially since I HATE our fridge we have now (it was in the house when we bought it). I feel like there just isn't any room in it.

So fast forward to this weekend. We went looking at new fridges. After getting over the sticker shock, we finally found one that Kyle and I both loved, so we placed the order. We get home and realize that the fridge wont fit in the space we have (devistation sets in because we were so excited about this fridge). So we go back the next day to try to find another fridge that will fit (measurements in hand this time!).

But guess what .... none of the fridges would fit, except for the kind that HATE. (See picture above).

So what do we do .... we decide we need to move the cabinets. We really had no clue what to do. But with a little help from my dad (only to help us set everything up and lend a couple of tools) ....

We start to move the cabinets. GOOD JOB KYLE!

Notice the difference in the paint. (We will need to repaint that!) We only had to go up an inch or so to get it to fit.

I am just really proud that we did this without much help, without injuring anyone, without distroying the cabinets, and without it taking all day! But the best part is that we get the original fridge that we wanted. (sigh...)

We are getting it in white. And it should be delivered this week!