Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Disney Food!

We are going to Disney World! And while we aren't leaving until August we still talk about it all the time. We probably talk about it so much because Kyle and I haven't been on a vacation in over 3 years ... and I definitely think we deserve one. PLUS .... this will be Tyler's first trip to Disney World (which is an even better reason for us to be excited).

But why am I bringing Disney World up right now .... well ... we just got to make our Dining Reservations!! (For those that don't know ... you can make reservations for Disney Dining 180 days in advance ... and trust me .... you need to do this if you have specific places you want to eat.)

The food line up (in no particular order):

Liberty Tree Tavern - Magic Kingdom - Thanksgiving / Family Style food
Coral Reef Restaurant - EPCOT - It feels like you are sitting in an aquarium while you eat!
San Angel Inn - EPCOT - World Showcase - Mexican!!
Rainforest Cafe - Animal Kingdom
Chef Mickey - Contemporary Resort - Character Breakfast (Mickey Mouse, Donald and Goofy will be there)
Le Cellier Steakhouse - EPCOT - World Showcase - Canada - It is supposed to be some of the best steaks at Disney!

And the best part is that these meals are part of our Meal Plan, so while we have paid upfront for the meal plan, it won't cost us anything to eat there that day!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

Hope everyone had a Happy Valentine's Day.

And yeah .... I made them! Don't be too jealous :)