Sunday, September 4, 2011

My 'Fall' to-do list

Tomorrow is Labor Day, marking the end of Summer and beginning of Fall.  And who am I kidding, I am looking forward to Fall this year.  Maybe it's because we got to finish our summer off with an awesome family trip (other wise known as Disney World!).  Maybe it is the anticipation of great holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Or maybe I am just really tired of the 100 degree days of Summer. 

Whatever the reason, I have already started thinking of what I wanted to do this Fall.  Some of it is fun, some of it not so much but ..... here goes! (in no particular order)

1) Figure out when we are going on our next Disney vacation.

2) Start the family on a modified Dave Ramsey plan.  (if you don't know Dave Ramsey ... google him ... he is awesome). I say modified because he is pretty intense and I don't know if I can go as hard core as him!

3) Visit the Biltmore House (specifically during Christmas).

4) Re-do Tyler's room.  I am thinking maybe a new paint color, curtains, and some vinyl wall art.

5) Go apple picking.

6) Start making and decorating cookies again.  I like to blame the heat ... from outside and the oven.

7) Paint the hallway and put up something to showcase Tyler's 'art-work'.  (The 'art-work' is currently hanging on my cabinets in the kitchen.)

8) Start and finish my scrapbook for our Disney vacation.

9) Clean up the back yard. 

10) Cheer Kyle on as he runs his first half marathon!

Now that the list is written down, that makes it official, right?!

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