Monday, April 11, 2011

Watch out DIY (Do It Yourself) Channel ....

.... the Ostrander's have arrived.

OK ... kind of but not really! Let me first point out that if anyone know us, they know that we are definitely NOT a 'handyman' family. But, it is definitely something that we are trying to get better at. We had the opportunity this weekend to hone our skills!

Two weeks ago our fridge started leaking from the water and ice dispensor. I use 'started' loosely because it has been leaking for a while, we were just able to stop it until two weeks ago. We finally had to disconnect the water from the fridge to get it to stop.

This gave us the perfect excuse to look for a new fridge, especially since I HATE our fridge we have now (it was in the house when we bought it). I feel like there just isn't any room in it.

So fast forward to this weekend. We went looking at new fridges. After getting over the sticker shock, we finally found one that Kyle and I both loved, so we placed the order. We get home and realize that the fridge wont fit in the space we have (devistation sets in because we were so excited about this fridge). So we go back the next day to try to find another fridge that will fit (measurements in hand this time!).

But guess what .... none of the fridges would fit, except for the kind that HATE. (See picture above).

So what do we do .... we decide we need to move the cabinets. We really had no clue what to do. But with a little help from my dad (only to help us set everything up and lend a couple of tools) ....

We start to move the cabinets. GOOD JOB KYLE!

Notice the difference in the paint. (We will need to repaint that!) We only had to go up an inch or so to get it to fit.

I am just really proud that we did this without much help, without injuring anyone, without distroying the cabinets, and without it taking all day! But the best part is that we get the original fridge that we wanted. (sigh...)

We are getting it in white. And it should be delivered this week!

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