Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lost and Found

We had a crisis this past week. We lost 'Moo'. What is 'Moo' you ask? Well this is 'Moo'.

This is Tyler's favorite stuffed animal. He has had it since he was born, and sleeps with it every night.

We were getting Tyler ready for bed Thursday night, and we started looking for 'Moo'. We couldn't find him anywhere. We searched and searched. We looked in all of the usual hiding spots: Tyler's bed, our bed, between the cushions of the couch, and in the clean clothes basket. But no luck. We managed to get Tyler to bed that night without 'Moo' (and I am still not sure how that happened). I think we were just hoping that 'Moo' would just show up the next morning.

The following morning ... still no 'Moo'. We really started to look everywhere. All of the dirty clothes baskets, the cars, the trash cans, under the couch, out in the yard ... name it we looked there. We were really starting to worry now. I was even making plans on how I was going to get a new 'Moo'. That night, Tyler went to bed again asking for 'Moo'.

When I came back into the living room (from putting Tyler to bed), this truck caught my eye. And it was like I had a flashback .... it was a memory of Tyler putting stuff inside the seat of the truck and riding around.

It was a long shot, but I went over to look in the seat of the truck, and ... ta-da .... there was the missing 'Moo'. I was so excited. I really felt like I had solved some great mystery!

So now Tyler has his 'Moo' back and the crisis is over!

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  1. That's hilarious....we do this from time to time also. Last year we lost Wes's "Woof Woof" (a stuffed bear...don't ask) for 2 or 3 days. It wasn't until we went to the garden to pick vegetables that we found him. Covered in the mud and dirt in the garden. Apparently someone had taken him to the garden a couple of days prior and had gotten caught up with playing in the dirt....these poor stuffed animals.