Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Tyler got an upgrade, in respect to his book bag. But before we get into that, I would first like to pay my respects to the old book bag: a Stephen Joseph quilted bag. This was supposed to be Tyler's first book bag. Just something to carry an extra set of clothes and diapers in, to and from school, and anywhere else the family went. But let's face it ... I got this book bag because I thought it was cute! I really didn't expect it to hold up at all. But two years later and MANY washings, I am in awe! It is still in great shape. Hats off to this company making such a great product: durable and cute!

I decided that it was time for Tyler to upgrade to a new book bag. I guess I have realized that he is (gasp!) growing up! I mainly wanted something that 'looked' like a real book bag. Easier said than done. Everything that I found was just going to be too big, and I knew that he wouldn't wear it. I finally ran across this:

This is from Pottery Barn Kids (which I LOVE!). It is their "Pre-School Book bag". A lot smaller than the regular book bag, and a little bit smaller than their small book bag. I went with the Gecko Print. And yes ... I did get it personalized.

For a comparison of sizes ... this was my book bag in college.

The book bag is the perfect size. Here is hoping that it will last as long as the first one!

On a side note: Please disregard the wet hair (we just got out of the bath) and the mismatched PJ's (Mickey Mouse on top and Christmas Monkeys on the bottom!).

Oh yeah ... and also the Post It Note Tabs on his arms!

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