Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day!

For Tyler's class we needed to make a Valentine's Day box. You know, a decorated box that everyone can put their valentine's in that they brought for you.

So we started with one of Tyler's shoe boxes.

I had him 'decorate' the paper that I was going to use to wrap the top of the box with. (Please disregard the clothes on the table in the background. We were in the middle of washing clothes ... it seems we are always in the middle of washing clothes!)

By 'decorate' we mean finger paint all over the paper. He is very good at fingerpainting. They must do a lot of it at day care.

Then I cut out little foam hearts and glued 'googly' eyes on them.

And here is the end result! I was trying to go for something that wasn't to girly. I think it turned out pretty awesome!

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