Wednesday, August 3, 2011


My friend Suzanna and I decided to throw a Mexican Fiesta Party.  OK ... to be honest it first started out just being "Hey, lets just invite a couple of girls over to eat and have a good time."  Before we knew it, we had a theme, decorations, invitations and fake mustaches. 

It was a potluck meal .... but we provided the tacos and margaritas!

dinner table!
welcome banner!
We got most of the decorations from Party City.  But I will take credit for the Mexican Paper Flowers!  They were strategically placed all throughout the house!  You will see them showcased in a couple of pictures!

my mexican paper flowers!

While at Party City we found some fake mustaches .... and of course ... we bought them.  Really, who can resist a classic fake mustache ... apparently no one at this party could!

liz, suzanna, and dana
Not even the blow up cactus could resist a paper flower and fake mustache!

the star of the party!

me, suzanna and dana!
carissa and hunter!

And one last look at the paper flowers!  Suzanna was a great model!

Everyone had a really great time! I wish I had gotten pictures of everyone eating at the table, with all the food around, but I just forgot (I guess I was having FUN!).

We are definitely thinking about making this a monthly thing.  Maybe with a different theme or idea every month.  Like a Dessert/Wine/Game Night or a Cookie Exchange or a Luau theme or a .....

FUN times ahead!

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