Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The "Corduory Dog"

This is the story of the "Corduroy Dog". This Christmas Tyler received a present from his Great Grandmother who lives in Florida. Inside the bag was this handmade corduroy dog. Along with the dog came a note that his Great Grandmother wrote:

' Tyler, This little dog was made by your great, great grandmother, Emma Ostrander, for all her grand children, great and great, great grand children. This is the last dog left (just for you!).'

As the story goes, Emma Ostrander made all these corduroy dogs at once. And as new babies were born in the family they got a corduroy dog. Kyle's dad received a dog and Kyle received a dog when they were young.

Kyle's mom and dad had no clue that there were any dogs left. I mean surely they had all been given out by now. But what a 'great great' surprise we got Christmas Eve!

And as the letter said ... Tyler's "Corduroy Dog" is the last dog that had been made. And that is the story of the "Corduroy Dog".


  1. That is REALLY cool!! What a treasure!

  2. TOO CUTE! That is a really neat story! Makes me want to do something like that for all my 'great grands'...